2017 marks a major step forward for the field of addiction medicine. Starting in the fall of 2017, the American Board of Preventive Medicine will offer physicians the opportunity to become board certified in the subspecialty of addiction medicine. At the same time, addiction treatment is becoming more widely available and more primary care physicians are integrating addiction treatment into their practice.

This course will prepare the first group of physicians to sit for the new Board Exam. It will also provide the essential elements needed by primary care physicians who want to integrate addiction treatment in their practices.

Our conference starts with a keynote address from Michael Botticelli, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Obama, who will share his personal story of recovery and his perspective on the challenges ahead. Throughout the rest of the conference nationally recognized experts, clinician, and educators will present the core content of addiction medicine. Participants will apply their learning in facilitated case discussions and the use of an audience response system.

The Board Exam Preparation Track complements the Review Course. In the past this option has made it possible for attendees at the CSAM conference to obtain a pass rate of over 90%.

Thursday will feature workshops allowing participants to explore topics of interest in a smaller setting.

As always, we carry on a CSAM tradition of promoting collegiality and physician interaction. The Friday night dessert reception will feature and honor Morgan Fawcett, a young Alaska Native living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD. Morgan will recount his inspiring story and his campaign to bring awareness to and fight the stigma of FASD and thrill us with a performance on the Native American flute. Saturday evening will feature a reception while allowing time for participants to explore what makes San Francisco one of the top destinations for travellers around the globe.

Whether you are preparing for the Board Exam, refreshing your knowledge of the field, or deepening your understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of addictions, you are in for an educationally rich and rewarding experience.

— Ingeborg S. Schafhalter-Zoppoth, MD
Conference Chair




Ingeborg Schafhalter-Zoppoth, MD,
Conference, Chair
Anna Lembke, MD, Conference Vice-Chair
Sharone Ann Abramowitz, MD
Anthony P. Albanese, MD
William S. Brostoff, MD
Caroline Corriveau, MD
Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH
Py Louise Driscoll, MD
Dana Harris, MD
Chinyere Ogbonna, MD, MPH
Amer Raheemullah, MD
Ricardo Restrepo, MD, MPH
Scott Steiger, MD
Lello Tesema, MD
Tauheed Zaman, MD

MERF Representatives

Steven J. Eickelberg, MD
Kenneth A. Saffier, MD

Board Exam Preparation Track

Mason S. Turner, MD, Co-Chair
Chwen-Yuen Angie Chen, MD, Co-Chair
Cynthia Chatterjee, MD
Dustin DeYoung, MD
Murtuza Ghadiali, MD
Jeremy Martinez, MD
John W. Tsuang, MD, MS


  • Practicing physicians in both primary care and other specialty fields seeking an introduction to the full spectrum of substance use disorders, their diagnosis and appropriate management.
  • Physicians preparing for the Addiction Medicine Board Examination requiring an overview of the core elements of addiction medicine in a way that allows them to identify the areas where they may need more study.
  • Physicians in the field who want a refresher course based on the latest clinical research.
  • Other health care professionals, including psychologists, therapists, nurses and drug abuse counselors, who are involved in the treatment of patients with substance use disorders.